ABLE is the Best CRM for Managing Client Relationships

This week’s installment of our “Best CRM” series takes a look at why ABLE is the best CRM to help you manage client relationships.


We strongly believe that ABLE is the best CRM for CPAs and other accounting professionals. To help you understand why we think ABLE is so great, we’ve created a blog series titled “Best CRM”. Each installment of our “Best CRM” series focuses on a particular aspect of ABLE that helps to make it the best customer relationship management system for accountants.


ABLE offers a number of key tools for managing client relationships. Read on to learn how ABLE can help you identify and manage your key client relationships.


Identify Your Top Client Relationships

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ll recognize the term “Pareto Principle.” This phrase describes a phenomenon where, typically, 20 percent of actions drive approximately 80 percent of results. As applied to accounting, the Pareto Principle says it’s likely that 20 percent of your clients are responsible for driving about 80 percent of your firm’s revenue.


ABLE stores all of your client contact information in one place. Using its CRoPs system, it helps you to sort your clients, determining your top 20 percent—that is, your top revenue drivers, those clients that deserve the most attention. Use ABLE as your intuitive guide to defining and managing up to 12 key clients.


Maintain and Grow Your Client Relationships

Once you’ve differentiated among your clients and figured out which ones contribute most to your accounting firm’s growth, ABLE helps you cultivate these important relationships. You can use ABLE to both guide how you invest in these important relationships and track your progress.


Check out these three key tools that ABLE offers to help you manage client relationships:


1. CRoPs Tiles

ABLE’s CRoPs system is how we help you put the Pareto Principle into action. The system assigns a color-coded tile to each of the key clients (the “C” in CRoPs) that you select. The color of each tile indicates necessary client interaction and the scope of interaction required (major or minor). With just a glance, ABLE offers you an intuitive overview of your key client relationships.


2. Thought Leadership

Proactively sharing relevant material with your clients is one of the best ways to prove your value. When you position yourself as a thought leader in the minds of your clients, they learn to value you as a trusted advisor, rather than simply a number cruncher. ABLE offers a content library populated with easy-to-share material, as well as regular reminders to do so!


3. Accountability

ABLE keeps all firm users up-to-date on the status of client relationships, firm wide. When team members can easily see the status of one another’s CRoPs tiles, theirs is an extra incentive to keep on top of client interactions. This is a great form of positive accountability. Additionally, each client profile records all interaction data for each client. Any user who visits the client profile has access to the complete account history. This can help firm members gain a deeper understanding of various clients.


Manage Your Client Relationships with ABLE

When it comes to client relationship management, ABLE is the best CRM for accountants. Need more convincing? Check out our “How ABLE Measures Up” series, or take a look at this CRM comparison chart.


Does your firm need help with client relationship management? Let ABLE be your guide—it is the best CRM for CPAs. To learn more, schedule a demo today!