Working From Home Long-Term: 3 Tips For Increased Productivity

Many of us have been working from home since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are used to working remotely. You may find yourself in a slump – How can you keep up your business morale while juggling your home life? It is a delicate balance, but we are here to help. Here are some ideas to implement in your home to help ease your stress:


Disconnect when you are off the clock.

In the beginning, we all made a promise to ourselves that we would keep our work and personal life separate, but as time went on, that line became blurred. 

Make it a priority to close your tabs, silence your phone, and step away when the work day is done. We understand that sometimes emergencies happen and you have to be available – No worries! Try your best to leave work in a designated spot in your house, such as an office or spare room.


Take time off when you can.

Sometimes working from home can feel like you don’t need as much time off as when you went into the office. It’s important to take time off just like you normally would. Get creative with time off! Vacation time during a pandemic can look a little different, but think outside the box to do something fun and rest your brain.

Prepare your colleagues and take a look at your workload before you leave so business can continue as normal. See what can be done ahead of time and what can be pushed back.


Limit distractions.

With kids going back to school, distractions can be lower, but may not be zero. Try to stay focused during work hours by limiting outside noise and other disturbances that can interfere with any conference calls, video meetings, or client interactions. 

Try noise canceling headphones for better sound and a more immersive experience. Staying focused working from home for months at a time is a challenge, so giving yourself daily or weekly goals can help prioritize your task list, ultimately leading to a higher productivity rate.



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