What are CRoPs Tiles and Why They are a Game Changer

Keeping up with your most important contacts can cause various thoughts to run through your head –
“When was the last time I talked to ____?” “Did we send ____ a birthday card?” “How can I manage all of my contacts?”

ABLE, the CRM for accounting firms, has a practical solution to answer these questions: CRoPs Tiles. Read on to learn more about how your firm can benefit from using CRoPs Tiles.


What are CRoPs Tiles?

CRoPs (Clients, Referral Opportunities and Prospects) Tiles help lay out your:

  •  12 most important clients
  •  10 active referral sources
  •  14 promising prospects

This is based on the ideology of ‘do small well’. CRoPs Tiles help you focus on your top clients, referrals, and prospects that drive your business forward.

Client Tiles

We have found if the average practitioner is focusing on their 12 most important clients, that will make up at least 80% of their firm’s revenue. These clients are essential to your business, which is why you want to pay special attention to them.

Referral Tiles

You are probably connected to hundreds of people on LinkedIn, but we only allow you to choose 10 referrals – Why is that? By narrowing down your referrals, you can prioritize which referrals are the most productive for your firm. Nurturing these relationships will help produce more business over time.

Prospect Tiles

While you’re bound to have more than 14 prospects you are communicating with, we want you to look at the prospects that are most like your top 12 clients, meaning that if you land a deal with one of these prospects, it would be cause for celebration.


Manage Client Relationships

With ABLE’s unique tile setup, you can see which contacts need nurturing and the last time each has been nurtured. You can manage these relationships by using Major and Minor Dashboards.

ABLE CRoPs Tiles

Once you have selected which contacts you would like on your tiles, invest yourself in understanding what these contacts want, so you can be the trusted advisor they need. CRoPs Tiles will change colors based on their need to be nurtured, so you can rest assured that a contact on your tiles will not fall between the cracks.


Find out why ABLE is the best CRM for accounting relationship management. Ready to learn more about ABLE’s CRoPs Tiles system? Sign up for a free demo today?