4 Tips To Manage Tax Season Stress

We are in the middle of tax season and tensions can be high. With increased client communications and deadline extensions, it’s important to keep stress levels low to prevent tax season burnout. Here are 4 recommendations to reduce stress during busy season:


1. Take mini breaks

Don’t overload your mind with too much information at once – your brain will thank you! Give yourself small breaks throughout the day to keep your thought process fresh and clear. Try to take 5-10 minutes breaks every hour to maximize your work and to improve efficiency. Eyes hurt from staring at spreadsheets? Take a walk around your office or outside for a change of scenery.


2. Stay organized

Keeping all of your different client’s tax information organized can help ease stress levels. When every document and file is in its place, your daily tasks and tax filing become easier. 

You can also leverage new technology and use a CRM system to keep track of your most important clients, referral opportunities, and prospects. ABLE can easily track all deals on the sales pipeline, allowing you to see your firm’s ROI. The collaborative and interactive environment of ABLE lets users and managers hold their team accountable for nurturing client relationships. Implementing a CRM can help position your firm as thought leaders and keep everything on track.


3. Create obtainable goals

It’s important to set ambitious goals, but also ones that are still achievable. Communicate with your team and ask for their input. New ideas could spark new objectives. Setting goals should involve all team members, and every concern should be addressed. This is key to meeting an obtainable goal. Try starting with 1 or 2 key goals that your firm is centered around. All your work should revolve around these few goals. To start, figure out what metrics you want to use to measure your overall team performance. Looking at the big picture by setting key goals can help reduce stress and anxiety.


4. Fuel your body

Set your day up for success by eating healthy and drinking plenty of fluids. Fresh fruits and vegetables fill you up with natural energy and nutrients, which are key to staying motivated during tax season. Start your morning off with a nutritional breakfast that will improve your energy levels and help you perform your best. 

Suffer from mid-day energy loss? Try eating an apple or a piece of dark chocolate to boost your energy levels. Increased energy can lead to a more positive mindset and lower stress levels.



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