Meet the team – Wendy Whiteford


About Wendy Whiteford

Wendy joined the ABLE team in February 2021 as ABLE’s Director of Product. With over 25 years of experience in software development and IT leadership, Wendy is your go-to for everything related to the development of ABLE. Wendy manages the ABLE development team and oversees the short-term and long-term development goals.


Wendy grew up in Port Charlotte, Florida before moving back to Illinois where she was born. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and her Master’s Degree in Information Technology Management from Colorado Technical University. Prior to joining the ABLE team, Wendy has worked in many different industries, including healthcare, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and higher education. 


To stay organized and focused throughout the day, Wendy utilizes her ReMarkable tablet, sticky notes, and Lexon Mino bluetooth speaker to help increase her productivity. She is an avid digital note taker, but also needs some physical reminders to help her complete her projects. Wendy listens to a variety of music, but is a true 80s music fan at heart.

Learn more about Wendy

On the weekends, Wendy enjoys working on her family genealogy. She is also learning to play the banjo. 

Checkout a few other fun facts about Wendy:

  • She has a 2nd degree black belt in Soo Bahk Do
  • One of her top bucket list items is having an opportunity to go into space
  • She is definitely a cat person (no offense to dogs) and has 3 rescue cats

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ABLE is the best CRM for accounting firms, and Wendy agrees:

“ABLE provides a powerful set of tools with a specific focus to help a firm manage their business without all of the confusing, extra (aka unused) functionality found in many large CRM applications.”


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