How ABLE Helped Firms Grow in 2017

ABLE is a CRM for accountants that combines industry best practices and communication tools to provide top-notch solutions for business growth. It was recognized by Accounting Today as one of 2017’s Top New Products for Accounting Firms. So how did ABLE help firms reach their goals in 2017? Read on to find out!

As a CRM for CPAs, ABLE focuses on four key fundamentals of growth: proactive management of key relationships, building your personal brand, practicing collaboratively, and promoting accountability. Of course we think our system is the best on the market, but you don’t have to take our word for it! We surveyed a number of ABLE users to find out how our accounting CRM contributed to their firm growth last year. Here’s what they had to say:


Relationship Management

“Our CRoPs tiles ensure that we are nurturing and growing our relationships with the right clients, referral, sources, and prospects and doing so on a consistent basis. In addition, through Deals/Pipeline tracking, we are more in-tune with conversations that may lead to additional revenue opportunities, where these opportunities are in the funnel, and the time frame for closing—ensuring that these opportunities don’t ‘fall through the cracks’, so to speak.”

Allisa Lovitt, Marketing & Executive Support Manager, HBE Becker Meyer Love, LLP


Brand Building

“I appreciate having easy access to Thought Leadership and having the tool to send timely content to my clients, referral sources, and prospects. This is an easy way to build my personal brand, further the business community’s awareness of my firm, and provide useful information.”

Ed Schenkein, Audit Partner & Office Lead Partner – Denver, SingerLewak LLP


“My favorite thing about ABLE is the CRoPs dashboard. It offers an easy and visually appealing snapshot of the contacts each of our accountants know they need to stay in contact with on a regular basis. I love that multiple people at our firm who have a relationship with a shared contact can see the notes that others have entered, showing a trail of relationship building activities across our firm.”

Laurie Holt, Marketing Coordinator, Barfield Murphy Shank & Smith, LLC


“ABLE is a fantastic program as it allows us to see our entire firm’s business development efforts in one place. It’s a great tool for our professionals to track their interactions with clients, referral opportunities, and prospects. It also serves as a great instrument for our employees to hold one another accountable to meet their business development goals.”

Regan Reif, Chief Operations Officer, Adams, Brown, Beran & Ball


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