CRM for Accountants

When it comes to choosing a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, your options are seemingly endless. Simple or customized? Cloud-based, on-premise, or Saas? As a CPA firm seeking the best system for your organization, be on the lookout for one that offers you the following capabilities.


Manage Client Relationships

The CRM for CPAs that you choose should make identifying and managing your client relationships easy. With all your contacts in one place but differentiated by relationship, the right system for you will demonstrate how each contact is contributing to your firm’s growth.


Build Your Brand

In order to grow your business, it is important to position yourself as a trusted advisor within your field. For accountants, a CRM that provides resources and the means to share them will help transform users into thought leaders. Look for a platform that aids you in sharing compelling content with your clients.


Practice Collaboratively

The most successful accounting firms operate interdependently. A CRM for accountants should boost team synergy by facilitating communication and encouraging the sharing of new opportunities.


Be Accountable

Accountability breeds success within CPA firms. Look for a CRM that keeps your team focused on the most important activities via dashboards, reports, and an open system that encourages peer-to-peer accountability.


Access Useful Tools

The CRM for accountants that you choose should provide an array of tools to aid you in generating new business for you accounting firm. Look for a platform that includes the following:

  • Sales Insights – This tool helps you to identify your various relationships and adapt your sales style for each individual client. Some systems even provide reminders about when and how to keep in touch can with your clients, referral sources, and prospects.
  • Marketing Best Practices – Opt for a system that will help you identify opportunities for client interactions, generate new business, and enhance your practice.
  • Sales Pipeline – Visibility across the sales pipeline is a must. Therefore, seek a CRM that allows you to track your sales opportunities and measure both inbound and outbound referral activity.
  • Client Surveys – The best accounting firms constantly seek client feedback and use it to improve their service. The ideal system for your firm makes it easy to measure satisfaction among your existing client relationships.
  • Customize – Every CPA firm is unique—your CRM should be, too. Find a system that offers customization options in a variety of areas, such as industries, locations, and departments.

Manage Onboarding

Establish a foundation for ongoing success by choosing a platform that offers full-service onboarding. From system setup to data gathering to training customized for your goals, be sure to choose a CRM that sets you up for success.

Receive Support

Finally, avoid CRMs that will leave you high and dry when trouble arises! Be sure that the system you select offers a full technical support system.


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