ABLE Success Story: BMSS (Part 2)

Today we take another look at ABLE user firm, BMSS Advisors & CPAs—this time examining their CRM implementation. BMSS has been a valuable ABLE client since the beginning, and the ways that they’ve incorporated the CRM and business development program into their firm culture are quite impressive. They’ve discovered the key’s to unlocking ABLE success.


CRM Implementation

One of the big obstacles to CRM implementation is incorporating it into your team members’ everyday routine. “Everybody was used to doing things their own way, so getting everybody to adopt in took some time,” said Jon Shank, CPA, CGMA, founding member of BMSS. Shank explained to his team that “we key our time in every day. Well all you have to do is have ABLE open and as you key in, say, an hour for a marketing lunch, key it in to ABLE too. It’s very easy.”

BMSS member Scott Stevens, CPA, CGMA found a great strategy for guiding his colleagues into using ABLE. “I can take somebody to a meeting—a younger team member who may be new to ABLE and still figuring out how to use it. Afterwards, I tag them in ABLE, which gets them points too. And they say, ‘Ok, that wasn’t hard.’” The “points” to which Stevens refers are a part of the BMSS Grow ‘n’ Go program—check out last week’s blog for more information on that initiative.

Historically, marketing has been one of the more challenging parts of accountants’ jobs. “We’re very results orients,” explains Jon Hall, CPA, BMSS member. While it’s easy to see and measure progress on the financial side of things, marketing efforts are often more nebulous. That’s where ABLE has been helpful to BMSS. “ABLE gives us a better overview of a lot of the marketing aspects. To me, you can only manage what you can measure, and ABLE allows you to measure the marketing process. As my former firm merged into BMSS, I came to realize that ABLE was one of the best parts of the merger.”


Why is CRM Implementation Such a Challenge?

CRM implementation is by no means an easy process. What did it take, on the part of BMSS, to achieve such resounding success? “Just stay committed,” said Jaclyn Collins, CPA, senior manager. “I think you stay committed by offering training sessions, letting people see the value of it. Show the team what you’re able to do and the data you’re able to produce.” Cherion Sibley, CPA, CFP, AEP, BMSS member adds that she credits the firm’s gamification of the system for their successful CRM implementation. “The competitive structure makes a difference. We show our points publicly throughout the firm, which incentivizes you to have a good point balance. I really think that’s what has created so much engagement.”

To a certain extent, what you, as a firm, put into your CRM implementation is what you’ll get out of it. BMSS committed to making ABLE work for their team, and they’ve enjoyed big success as a result. However, having the right tool is also a key factor. Shank explains that, “We’d actually tried other CRM programs and they were huge flops. Just huge flops. But the simplicity and the ease of use of ABLE has been huge for us.”


About BMSS

Since 1991, BMSS has provided exemplary advisory and accounting services to business and individuals throughout Alabama. Over the course of three decades, BMSS has evolved into one of the top three accounting firms in Alabama, boasting 30 partners, 88 CPAS, and more than 200 staff members across all locations. The firm is regularly listed as one of the top places to work by the Birmingham Business Journal.


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