Coming Soon: ABLE 2.0

We’re very excited to announce that ABLE 2.0 is nearly ready to launch! We’ve worked long and hard to perfect this system rebuild. We’re very excited to share it with ABLE users, new and old! Below is a video trailer or, if you prefer, keep scrolling for a high-level overview of the new features included in ABLE 2.0.


ABLE 2.0 Trailer

ABLE 2.0 Trailer from ABLE on Vimeo.


What can you look forward to with ABLE 2.0?

Here’s a brief overview of the new functionalities included in this exciting update:

  • An improved user interface with a responsive design. Get ready to use ABLE on all of your mobile devices!
  • Enhanced deliverability for Thought Leadership. New updates will increase views and prevent spam triggers.
  • A new API that allows your IT team to connect ABLE with other software systems. This eliminates the need for duplicate data entry.
  • A system-wide performance boost related to the new ABLE 2.0 architecture, including support for an online application.

Below is a glance at ABLE 2.0’s updated interface. What do you think of this new look for the interactive deals pipeline?


ABLE 2.0's updated interactive deals pipeline interface

Our Commitment to You

Please know that we’re committed to making sure that we get everything right the first time. We’re excited to deliver a high-quality, experience for all of our users in the completely rebuilt system!

Ready to learn more? Schedule an ABLE demo today to learn how your accounting firm can start using ABLE, the CRM for CPAs as soon as possible!