3 Action Items Your Firm Can Implement After Tax Season

3 Action Items Your Firm Can Implement After Tax Season

The end of tax season has come – now what? It’s the perfect time to focus on business development. Here are the top 3 things you can prioritize after tax season:


1. Hold an Accountability Meeting

It’s easy to get behind during tax season, we get it! Now is the time to hold your colleagues accountable for keeping up with your most important contacts. A great way to do this is by getting together, virtually or in person, to discuss new goals and action items to help hold team members accountable. 

Sometimes it’s hard to get everyone on board. ABLE’s collaborative, open system allows transparency between users, ultimately driving results to your firm. Users are able to view all of the activity happening between contacts, making sure everyone is doing their part to connect and drive your business forward.


2. Nurture your Key Contacts

It is vital that your most important contacts are not falling between the cracks. Once tax season is over, reach out to anyone who may have been overlooked. Try calling or emailing your them directly to touch-base and build rapport. Along these lines, it’s important to keep up to date about your contact’s business. You want to be their most trusted advisor, not just around tax season. Do your research and catch up on any changes your clients or prospects had in the last several months. 

With ABLE, it’s simple to manage your most important clients, referral opportunities, and prospects with just a few clicks. On the comprehensive dashboard, you can view the status of each company or contact, and see who needs to be nurtured next.


3. Become a Thought Leader

You want your clients to come to you all year, not just tax season. As more firms transition from compliance to advisory, it is important to build your brand as an industry thought leader. Research industry specific information to stay up to date on the latest trends affecting your contacts and position your firm as experts in your contact’s field. Get ahead of the game by thinking one step ahead of your clients.

ABLE has a curated content library with a wide variety of articles to choose from. These articles can be shared and put into a personalized email directly from ABLE. In just a matter of minutes, you can nurture multiple contacts at once by sending them information that is beneficial to their business from you, their trusted advisor.


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