Tax Season is Over—So Now What?

Find out how a CRM can guide your client engagement efforts outside of tax season.


Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed another tax season! Now that the rush is over, accounting professionals all get to take a three-month vacation, right? Wrong!

While some R&R is certainly in order, there are plenty of important tasks to turn your focus to, now that you’ve completed this year’s tax filings. One important item to catch up on is your client engagement efforts. Here are some tips for using your CRM system to engage clients outside of tax season:

Check in With Your Key Relationships

Personal interaction is key to business development. It’s likely that during tax season you didn’t spend a lot of time on building better relationships with your clients, referral sources, and prospects. That’s understandable, everyone was busy. But now that the busy time is over it’s important to touch bases with your relationships in order to maintain and grow them.

Reach out to your top clients, referral sources, and prospects to schedule a face-to-face meeting. Offer to treat them to lunch or perhaps a round of golf. Major interactions such as this are important for further developing your key relationships.

As a CRM designed by accountants and for accountants, ABLE helps you keep track of your client engagement efforts. Your CRoPs tiles keep you updated on the status of your key relationships and your interactions with them.


Build Your Reputation as a Trusted Advisor

Busy season is complete and you’ve proven that you’re a competent tax preparer. Now’s the time to establish your reputation as more than that. Get in the habit regularly performing client engagement by sharing timely and relevant content with your contacts. Doing so will keep you in the forefront of their minds, show that you are actively thinking about issues that matter to them, and convey a positive message about your brand.

ABLE’s Thought Leadership module makes the task of regularly initiating this type of minor growth interaction with your contacts easy. Use the CRM tool to send content you find or pick something out of ABLE’s ever-growing content library. ABLE records your interaction and sets a timer to remind you to reach out to your contacts regularly.


See What Your Clients Have to Say

It’s always important after the busy season draws to a close to look back and evaluate. Take some time to develop a big-picture view of how things went, then use that to determine next steps moving forward. To be successful, the client engagement direction you choose should be based upon feedback from your contacts.

The Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) is one of the most renowned surveys available. It measures customer experience by asking how likely they are to recommend you and your services. ABLE allows you to leverage built-in NPS® functionality in order to assess your clients’ satisfaction. The wake of tax season is the perfect time to survey your clients about their experience, and ABLE allows you to do so easily!


If you haven’t done it already, the post-busy season time is your best opportunity for implementing a customer relationship management system. To find out how ABLE makes it easy to strengthen your most important relationships and maintain regular client engagement, schedule a demo today!